Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Mobile Web--The Next Frontier

I was reading a couple of different articles earlier discussing the "mobile web". Both of these articles were very interesting--for one--I never really realized that the normal web was different than the mobile one. I've been on the mobile web only once before--I hit the wrong button on my husbands cell phone--and when I saw where it was taking me--I panicked and turned the phone off to disconnect from the web. It wouldn't have been a big deal I'm sure--I just know we would have been charged an arm, a leg and a spleen to be on the mobile web!

So I know you can get to the web via your mobile devices--I just never knew a mobile website would be different! According to one of the articles, US mobile device users are second only to the UK when it comes to browsing the mobile web. Imagine the tremendous open market for mobile advertising--businesses need to get a wap site up and looking good! I'm sure this is one of those times when "If you build it...they will come!" is really true!!