Tuesday, October 9, 2007

High School Friends

I got a phone call the other day from a friend of mine from High School. I was surprised to hear from her on so many levels--we graduated from high school over 16 years ago--and I only kept up with her sporadically over the coming few years--and nothing recently. Plus, we live out of state--across the country actually. But she found me--and it was really nice talking to her.

She still lives in the old neighborhood. I love saying that--it makes us sound like we are from somewhere more exotic...like Brooklyn or the Bronx. But no, small town heaven in Utah! She is married with three kids--and doing the mom thing. I asked about her family--and really, not much has changed. Her dad is sick-but at 70 years old--that wasn't too surprising. He has maliganant mesothelioma which is something I haven't heard much about. I've heard advertisements on the radio, Lawyers looking for clients suffering from this, but nothing about what exactly it is--or what causes it. So we talked a lot about that. Turns out--there is even a website for it--I will definitely want to look at it as well.

It was fun to hear from her, and as always we left with promises to keep in touch--and not let ten years go by without talking. It was a good call!