Friday, July 6, 2007

Canvas On Demand

Just looksey what came by Fed Ex today! I'm so excited!! This is a picture that my sister took of her cute kids. Her husband is a Chef and this was his anniversary gift 4 years ago. She had a poster made of it and it hangs in her kitchen. I have always loved it--and when the offer came in to have my favorite photo made into canvas portrait--I knew that this would be my choice.

I first mentioned this wonderful prize opportunity back in June, and honestly--I thought it would take much longer to receive this beautiful canvas. People thought I was crazy that I didn't get something done involving my kids--but I just don't have a picture with all four kids looking good at the same time-so I thought I would steal this portrait for my kitchen.

This canvas was done by Canvas On Demand--and it is priceless! The cost is no where near the quality that you get. I think I will find my favorite single portraits of each of my kids, and have some beautiful 8x10's made. This beautiful 16x20 retails for $89.00, and I would gladly pay it for the piece of art that this photo has become!


Mark@CreditCards said...

There's something special about a painting compared to a photo. Paintings are have that timeless feel that lasts.

Lynne said...

It's fabulous! That was such a creative picture and to have it made into a painting is even better!

Cade@BusinessOpportunity said...

I agree with mark. This is a great and to be able to get all of the kids looking so good gives a lot to this painting. I hope some day I am able to do something like this with my kids.

Michelle said...

I think its absolutely gorgeous, we had some professional photos done of ourselves not so long ago (me, husband and 2 year old) but never got a canvas.

Will have to go back and order one now.

alternative clothing said...

Oh my goodness what a gorgeous photo! i cant imagine the impact that would have being on canvas too. great price aswell considering how treasured i imagine this would be for you now.