Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Are You A Racist??

I have to start this post by saying that I never really thought about segregation and racial problems when I was growing up--because I wasn't raised around anyone that looked different than me. So when I grew up and kept hearing about there still being racial tensions-I was surprised that it was still an issue.

I would in no way consider myself a racist. When I see a person of a different ethnicity--Sure--my mind notices that fact. Just as it would if I walked by a fat person--or a bald person--my mind notes that--nothing more--nothing less--just a note. Beyond that--there is no difference in my opinion and life moves on and goes forward.

I do have to say---I am very intolerant of stereotypes--any stereotype--I don't care what ethnicity you are--you don't have to "live" the stereotype. It's like meeting a gay man--I've never met a woman as "feminine" as some of these people. They are living a stereotype--and I HATE IT! I hate grills, and tats, and piercings, and doo rags, and dread locks, and pimped out cars---I HATE ALL OF IT! Why? Because no one is doing any of these things because they like them---they are doing them to be "IN"--and where is the individuality in that!

At the same time--I must admit--I fit the stereotypical stay at home mom! I'm a 'big' girl, I wear frumpy clothes, I rarely wear make up, and my hair is in a pony tail 24/7! And you know what--as stereotypical as it is---I HATE MYSELF FOR IT! But honestly--with four kids--I really don't stand a chance!

So in all of this I have to say--I'm not a racist--although I do hate the stereotypical portion of it. I'm not homophobic--but I do hate the stereotypical portion of it--I am a frumpy, stereotypical housewife--and I HATE IT!!!