Friday, July 13, 2007

Moving To The Suburbs

We got home from our trip just in time to help Rob start packing. I know, it's not like I spend enough time over here as it is, but now I even have a better reason. Use her computer to blog, and pack a box. Use her computer to blog, and pack a box. Get the picture??

She is moving closer to me, which is farther away from the city. Urbanite turned Suburbanite. I think she will enjoy her new house. There are tons of mature trees and it's really a pretty neighborhood, and best of all...they won't ever have to park on the street again. This house not only has a driveway, but an attached garage. It's been 5 years since they've had that, and she is so excited! She's put pictures up somewhere-I'm going to have to track them down and get them added, since not all of our readers are the same!!