Tuesday, May 1, 2007

She's Been At It Again!

If any of you have noticed my shiny new template--it's all thanks to my sister! Rob came up with the theme because of the name "Wild & Crazy"--so she went with an amusement park theme--I love it. It's so cheery and colorful--it's great! Well, after she did mine--she hijacked Aunt Peggy's blog. Peggy had disappeared for a bit--so she surprised her with a beautiful new template. Well, last night she hijacked our sister in law Sally's blog. She did an amazing job! Sally hasn't even seen it yet. She just got on and hijacked the template. I'm sure Sally won't mind-because it is a beautiful, colorful, peaceful template! Good job Robyn--Oh Genki one!!


Dave said...

Sisters are great. And tech savvy ones are better. My sister built my MySpace page, helps post on my blog, and is our families MSFT Office expert.

Peggy Knowles said...

You can hi-jack my blog anyday! Good going. Everyone loves my wallpaper. Mostly me!