Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Tonight is scouts. We haven't been in the last couple of weeks, but we really do need to get back to it. Jake is working on his Bear--and is desperately behind--we will have to work really hard this summer to get him caught up. I think Robyn's Jake is slightly behind on his Bear as well. I think if we get them together--they can get caught up and have a great time doing it!

I do need to stop at the post office before we head to scouts, and it looks like it will be a McDonald's night. There is very little time after scouts before bedtime--so a quick drive thru window will be essential in getting them to bed on time!!


Mike said...

Aw, I sorta miss cub scouts. I went through bobcat? up through Weblos.

In weblos I got all the little pins that go on your red yellow and green? fabric on your right sleeve. actually I almost got all of them. I was missing two, Geology and something else.

Made it up to Star Scout in Boy Scouts, two ranks shy of eagle. Then we moved to an area without Boy Scouts, was kind of disappointed. :(