Friday, March 16, 2007


I read today on MSN that a man in Utah with a vanity plate is reading Merlot is going to have to change it. Utah doesn't allow words of "intoxicants" to be added to vanity plates. I have no problem with that--I'm amazed at what sneaks through here in Chicago--much worse--and more adult than a wine vanity plate. The problem is--Merlot is a wine, yes--but it is also a type of Grape--pre alcohol form--Merlot isn't an intoxicant. Furthermore--it's also a color--and it just so happens to be the color of this mans car.

I should point out-that I have no problem with Utah liquor rules--I think many more states should try it--maybe there would be less DUI's and alcoholics in the world. And Utah is nowhere near being a "Dry" state. You just can't buy alcohol after midnight--I have no problem with that! You can't buy alcohol on Sunday--don't know why on that one--but again, I have no problem with it! If you want to go into a bar--you have to pay a "private club" membership--either for the night--or for a year--NOPE--no problem with that either! If you don't like the liquor laws--Move to Wendover! It's a 90 minute drive to work in Salt Lake--but hey--you can drink, and party, and gamble all you want! Plus you get to pass the big cement tree twice a day! Win/Win situation for you!!