Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hockey Night

We are staying up late watching hockey! It's really kind of cute! My husband and two sons are sitting on the couch, and one son is sitting on a recliner. They've been cheering the entire game, but they are currently in a shoot out. The three oldest will cheer immediately when something happens--and then2 year old Brett realizes that he was supposed to cheer--so he cheers just a bit late! By the end of the shoot out, and to the cheering of all four boys (husband included), the Blackhawks had won. It was actually the game from the night before--my husband had recorded it. So as soon as they turned this game off--the one for tonight against the Ducks, started--and we are in for 3 more hours of hockey!

I'm not sure the 3 younger boys will make it through--in fact, I'll be stealing Brett here in a minute to get him to bed! Guaranteed the hubby will make it through!!