Friday, March 16, 2007

Blogging Again!!

I love to read other peoples blogs--I don't get nearly enough time for it in a given day--but at night when everything is quiet--I would rather do the "reading" blogging than the "writing" blogging! I do this during the day, unless something big comes up! In my recent wanderings I found a "MUST READ" blog. It's called Where's Mommy's Prozac and let me tell you -- this is one cool lady!!

What really captured my attention--her post--How Hairy Is Your Hoo-Ha? I swear--my jaw dropped and I honestly thought that Hoo-Ha must have a new and updated meaning--surely, no one would ask that question!! But nope--She Did!! And what was more astonishing--people actually commented about their little "labies", I was shocked!! Laughing hysterically--tears running down my face--sides hurting---SHOCKED!!

Now, just because I am a "lady" and raised with some sense of Decorum (stop snickering Rob), I will abstain from answering said question--I will, however, state--that my answer EXACTLY was given in the comments--not too far down the list!!

To be completely honest, Jennifer really does seem like an awesome lady! She sings the songs that her kids like--just to annoy them--heck, she even knew the Pussy Cat Doll song--and I barely heard that last night! And--she drives a really SHWEET car--I am hoping for some pictures of it in the future though! Check her out--and enjoy the drama of life with teenagers!! I can't wait!