Thursday, January 11, 2007

The "Shuffle"!!

Sunday we will be spending the day with my in laws and watching the Bears game at Walter Payton's restaurant! How cool is that! My husband just called, and they were getting our names on the list! My boys are going to love it! They are into anything sport related, and especially with the Super Bowl lurking so close!! It will also be nice to spend some time with my husbands "sane" portion of family--just incase we do end up moving west! This will be a wonderful memory for my boys to take!

I didn't live in Chicago when the Bears won the Superbowl 21 years ago! I lived in Utah, and my youngest brother was (and still is) a diehard Bears fan--so I did watch the Superbowl, and had even memorized the "Super Bowl Shuffle"! Wow, I hope if the Bears make it again--they will put out a new one! That was great!