Thursday, January 11, 2007

Love To Do!!

Thirteen Things about Blake

The 13 things I love to DO: (Not in any particular order)

1. Family history--I own my own microfilm reader and can spend hours researching names.

2. Scrapbooking--My children have volumes each. My oldest (9 years old) has 6 3"binders.

3. Blogging--I look at it as a way to journal, the day to day moments of life.

4. Photography--I have hundreds of rolls of film on negatives, and I just burned all of my digital photo's onto cd's--it took 3!

5. Roadtrips--I love to get out and see this great land of ours. I have to be the one driving-or it's tiring and boring!!

6. Playing with my kids--boardgames, video games, coloring, you name it-I LOVE it!!

7. Decorating Cakes--I'm not very good at it--because I've never taken lessons--but I have made some darling birthday cakes for my kids, and even a beautiful 'basket weave' wedding cake (5 of them) for a friend!

8. Interior Design--Again--not a pro--but I love changing things and making them my own--it's just so darn expensive!!

9. Talking to my mom--she lives several states away--but I talk to her EVERYDAY!

10. Paint--Every year I make my kids a Christmas ornament. They are all the same-I get one too-when they get married they will take all of their ornaments from my tree. Then when they are all married and gone--the 5 of us will have matching ornaments!

11. Type--I would love a job that lets me sit at a desk-with no interuption, and just type and type and type and type! 10 Key is good fun too!!

12. I love TIVO!--I never have a chance to watch any tv on my own-with 4 kids--not a chance, but with Tivo-I take an hour after the kids are in bed, and watch my shows! House, Men in Trees, Crossing Jordan, The Dead Zone--just to name a few!!

13. Spending time ALONE with my husband! It happens so rarely--but when it does-it's a magical time!!

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