Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Other Sister!!

Today is my Niece's 18th birthday! It's very strange! She's been in my life for nearly 10 years, and she was so sweet and innocent when I got her! Mind you she was 8--how hard could she be!

But she has an older sister, who has always been a challenge! Boy crazy, couldn't wait to "mature", wanted to be pregnant by 14--and I'm very serious about that one! She did wait until she was 17 and then lost that baby, is 19 and due in 2 months time! Yes--challenge indeed!

But this other little niece wasn't ever a challenge! She's my husbands God Daughter, so he feels a little more need to protect her! Well, she was a straight A student, and could have been on track to graduate early--had she kept up! But she didn't. Instead, she dropped out of high school before the start of her Jr. Year, and is currently making minimum wage while living with some strange family with her best friend and her best friends baby!

My Mother In Law went all out today to make everything special for this birthday. She was going to make her favorite food, a special birthday cake--everything. But then she discovered--that she had been left out! The family had had their special birthday dinner the night before--and decided to spend the evening of her birthday taking her out and getting her her SECOND Tatoo!

I'm sitting here shaking my head! Why oh why do parents have kids, if they are just going to give up on them when they are half way finished!!