Friday, January 22, 2010

A Good Resolution

As far as girls go, I'm usually considered very Vanilla. Yes, the pony tailed, no-make up mom in lounge pants and slippers dropping her kids off in the mini van! You can just picture me now, huh? Well, not this year! 2010 has been the year of "beauty" for me. Why not...I'm 38 and not that far from needing eye cream for wrinkles! My husband's work had their holiday party on January 10 and I actually shopped for make up. I haven't purchased make up since the Chicago Bears lost their last Super Bowl 4 years ago! Anyway--I purchased a new make up bag to keep it all in, and I made the resolution that I wouldn't leave my house without my make up on, and my hair tidy. You would be happy to know---it's the 22nd of January...and I've lived up to that resolution so far!

Yay me!