Monday, August 24, 2009


Did I mention I've given up couponing? I know, I shouldn't. I've saved a ton of money using them. I mean who else walks out of the grocery store with a basket full of food and $1.18 out of my pocket??? The problem is, the grocery store that I go to regularly has changed their barcode scanner and it beeps after every coupon.

Every single one of them the service lady has to come over and look at, and then manually send them through. I go into this store with a STACK of coupons. By the last one, she's usually tired of me, and sends me off with a grunt. One time she actually huffed and puffed her way over to me and in a not quite so polite tone let me know that she didn't have time to babysit me! Excuse me??? Yeah--I wrote a note to her manager! And ya know what...they sent me a 25% off coupon for my next visit!