Monday, August 24, 2009

The Bills

For the past few months our mortgage payments are getting later and later. It's not that we mail them late, in fact, they are mailed the same day of the month every month. But they seem to be getting lost at the fulfillment center somewhere between the mail room and the payment processing desk.

I will admit---this is probably my fault. You know those little slips that they send you every month and you rip off the bottom portion of the letter and return it with your payment in the enclosed envelope??? Well, our mortgage company is super cheap and won't provide the "enclosed envelope". So I figure I get to be stingy with my time and not return the coupon with my payment!

Not to worry...the account number is written clearly on the check---and luckily it's stamped the day it reaches the fulfillment center--so there have been no late fees charged that haven't been removed. Still----my husband has threatened to take away my bill paying privileges if I don't get myself back in line and do as I'm told!

And he thinks he married a golden retriever???? ;)