Monday, May 7, 2007

Walking To The Tree

I spent the weekend trying to find my car keys! You know--that is the most aggravating as well as 'messy' job around! I had to tear the entire living room apart looking for them! I guess we are heading into the toddler stage-a little too early for my taste--but Brett seems to have wandered off with them--and I still haven't found them! I will be searching for them in the bedrooms today! I hate that--it's work tearing the house apart and then it's more work--putting it all back together! It's the biggest waste of time imaginable! I had no car keys and no real dinner food in the house-so we walked up the street to the "Tree" restaurant for dinner! It wasn't so bad! My sandwich wasn't great-but the kids felt like they were on a real adventure-so that was fun!