Friday, May 4, 2007

Fun In The...Water??

Oh my heavens! I have three kids that just came inside the house--in 60 degree weather--SOAKING WET!! It's not raining--but it's too cold for to much else! Hmmmmmm, off to ask the kids what's up!

Ah, turns out the neighbor just up the street turned their sprinklers on-and the kids ventured into their first days of Summer! But now they are all frozen solid and I have to turn the radiators up!

They may all be sick for the weekend-but hey, at least they had fun!!


victoria said...

haha... i have to admit, that i get so excited for summer weather that i take my motorcycle out every year for the first time on the first day it hits 50 degrees :)! Of course, i later come home frozen solid (haha). having learned my lesson (at least for that year), i don't take the bike out again til its a decent temperature. :)