Friday, May 25, 2007

The Police Are Coming

Do you remember the Fallout when word got out that the Police had gone their separate ways? It really created a Hole in My Life, and I was So Lonely. I just remember saying over and over that I Can't Stand Losing You! I was Driven To Tears so many times after that. Nothing could brighten my day, it was as though the Voices Inside My Head were screaming at Spirits In The Material World to just Bring On The Night. I felt like I had been hit by a Demolition Man. I know that Truth Hits Everybody differently, but for the longest time I felt as though I was Walking On The Moon, and like a Canary In A Coalmine, I found it hard to breath. You know--when it feels like Every Breath You Take makes you want to scream at Roxanne--Don't Stand So Close To Me. Next To You there was no other group that felt like that. I was Walking In Your Footsteps--you had me Wrapped Around Your Finger!! But alas, you are the King Of Pain, listening to my Sychronicity cassette was just like Murder By Numbers. For years, I sat in a stupor with a dribble of drool dropping from my bottom lip as I chanted "Do Do Do de Da Da Da" while I danced a Regatta De Blanc in my white straight jacket. But hark, what is this?? Like a Message In A Bottle, my sister brings word...could it be? Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic so it must be true! The Police are going on a world tour--and a new police cd is coming out! My heart is thrilled, it's as though an Invisible Sun has warmed my soul...Like Tea In The Sahara the world is full of warmth and light again!!

The Police will be in Chicago July 5th and 6th, and I can guarantee--I WILL BE THERE!! The new police cd goes on sale the first week of June--It is a two disk set with all 28 of the songs listed above included!! There is also a vintage fold out poster from 1978--I'm telling you--I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!