Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day!!

We had a really nice, quiet Memorial Day. Nothing much got accompished, but I think that is the best kind of holiday there is. We didnt' get to sleep in at all, and I would complain more, but school gets out in less than 2 weeks, and then there will be plenty of time for the snooze button!

I got some of the yard work completed. The flower beds weeded and the dead tulips pulled for the year, but other than that...not much! Daniel was sick most of the day, I felt really bad for him. We were supposed to go swimming with my sister and her family, but with the flu type symptoms that were being exhibited--I thought it would be best to stick around the house!

Daniel stayed home from school today, and may just miss tomorrow. I feel so bad with him missing school on the last full week of the school year! Poor guy!