Monday, February 12, 2007

Sun vs. Snow!!

The kids and I spent the last couple of days housesitting for my sister. She and her family headed to Phoenix for the week. I don't like to fly-so I'm not jealous of that--but OH HOW I LOVE THE SUN! I'm sure she's basking in the view of the palm trees and swimming outdoors and getting a sunburn! Lucky lady!

It's cold here! Not just chilly--but truly negative 16 COLD! My brother in law got home from Phoenix last night and it was -16, he was in shock because he left Phoenix and it was 86 degrees. What a sad, SAD shock for his system!

It is supposed to warm up to 26 degrees this week, but they say the snow will be back early next week! Just in time for Valentine's Day! That's the night my sister is flying home! I hope they make it home safe and sound!