Thursday, February 15, 2007

Digging Out Again!

Holy Crap--there is a ton of snow out there! But you know the one thing that drives me nuts--there could be 10 feet of snow outside our door and my childrens school would not be cancelled! I guess they figure we can all walk-so why not keep it open! Yes, we can walk--but there is no way my kids are walking to school in 10 feet of snow--so I have to dig my car out of--not 10--but 15 feet of snow thanks to the snowplow shoveling me in! MMMM HMMMM Thanks guys!

I finally bit the bullet and called the kids in sick! I'm sorry--if it's snowy enough for every other school to close in the state--it's snowy enough for my kids to stay home and snuggle where it's warm! They are all prone to Bronchitis--so this is another precaution for that! When the sun comes out a little later--we will go out and begin the digging out process!!