Thursday, January 4, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!!

Thirteen Things about Blake

13 Things I Want To Accomplish In The New Year!

1. Read a bedtime story to my children nightly.
2. Work out a schedule for my day that actually works.
3. Teach my children how to help with the housework, and be happy with it!!
4. Take better care of myself-health-physical appearance-spiritual
5. Save $50 per week, on top of other budgeting attempts
6. Become the hero that my kids already think I am
7. Stop tearing myself down everyday--every other day should be fine!!
8. Take the time to "PLAY" with my kids, let them choose the game, and just PLAY!
9. Finish up the information on my Famliy History-so I can return the microfilm!
10.Create my own webdomain, and design it all myself!
11.Get my childrent to church every week! It is such a firm foundation to build on!
12.Be a better "wife" to my sweet, dear husband!
13.Try to find the happiness in each day--even if the mood doesn't match!

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