Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Don vs Ro!!

Wow, I never knew how absolutely fabulous this feud would become! The mudslinging--the mudslinging!!

I always loved Rosie! I watched her movies--I watched her show--I read her magazine. But then her show ended and she came out with this hideous Boy George haircut, and was suddenly 100% SNARK!! Then to have her come out so viciously against the war--well, along with all of Hollywood-she wasn't too original with that. She would yell at me and call me "homophobic", but I've known she was gay for YEARS!! Always questioned it, but when a single, rich, woman adopts a baby alone---it cemented it for me. Maybe not a fair stereotype--but I knew it then, but had questioned it for many years before that! But she has changed! It isn't just that she's turned mean--I'm not sure she was ever nice--but she's just so "In Your Face" about her stances, and your ideas, if different, are just stupid!

Take the war--everytime she gets on her soap box about bringing our children home--I have to shake my head. None of us want our Brave Men and Women injured or killed, but they are doing a great thing in Iraq-even if their own countrymen won't give them credit for it. These are patriotic Americans who knew what they were signing up for, and were still Great enough to do it! Rosie's kids aren't over there--Rosie's kids will never be over there. You have to have a pride in your country, a love for your country, and a feet planted on the earth LOVE of your freedom. Rosie has instilled none of these qualities in her "Cruise sailing, dolphin swimming, mansion living, pampered" children. You don't get quality out of spoiled goods!!

Now--I'm not a huge fan of Donald Trumps either. I think he looks like a reverse raccoon in every news conference, yes, bad hair--but you know what--he isn't MEAN! Well, until you get him going about Rosie!! He said in a recent interview--and I quote--"Rosie's a loser. She's been a loser always," the real estate mogul and host of NBC's "The Apprentice," said Thursday in a phone interview with The Associated Press. "Her show failed, her magazine failed. Barbara Walters gave her new life, but she'll fail at that also because she's inherently a stone-cold loser." He ends his tirade with the following: "It will never end on my behalf because I've exposed Rosie for what she is: a very dumb human being," Trump told the AP. "She's got no intelligence, but I've known that for a long time. Unfortunately, Rosie's pulled the wool over the public."

Now I must stand on my chair and wave my arms in the air---I AM NOT FOOLED!! I, TOO, SEE EXACTLY WHAT ROSIE IS...AND ISN'T!! I feel bad though--Another Stakeout, is one of my most favorite movies...EVER--and I just can't watch it anymore--because I can't go into fantasy land with her anymore! She has destroyed her persona--and that's too bad!! I haven't watched The View for years--way, way, WAY to Liberal for me--but Star Jones was the one I loved. They gave her hell for all of her wedding stuff being aired--and that was the part I loved! But once she was gone, and Ro was stepping up--I stepped away! And I won't be stepping back!!