Monday, January 5, 2009

We Rent...a LOT

Over the holiday break we rented a LOT of movies. Do you and your family do that? With the Red Box dollar rentals out there, why not?? Sadly, because we rented so many they had run out of my favorite chick flick genre and my last rental turned out to be the Sex in the City movie. Honestly, I think you had to watch the series on TV to get what was going on---but I do have to say, during the final scene when she goes back to her 'former' luxury penthouse for her never worn Manolo Blahnik shoes and meets "Big"...I thought that was the best. Especially after he'd left her at the alter. It was a light movie--truly--no plot to stew over. But it was a nice change, Daniel had forced me to rent "The Christmas Shoes". Great movie! Great, 3 HANKY movie!! So something light after that, was a welcome escape!