Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some Time Away

We are planning a fun get away for just my husband and I. I can't decide if I would rather book a cruise, or find a really nice hotel in downtown Chicago for a really good price. Ha...did you notice that? I threw in the cruise idea, as though there is any space in the budget for that (you did read below about the braces, right??)

Time away is really easy when you live near a really fun city. The hotels in the Chicago area are beautiful and have every amenity possible. From the pop up tv (I will have one of these before I die) to the mini bar to ROOM SERVICE!! I don't care if they charge me an additional 18% to bring it to me...someone else cooks it---and brings it to me----in bed!

I think I'm going to check out one of those "name your own price" websites to see what I can get. We do have a few friends left from our days in the hotel business that maybe we can swing a trade out or something. All in all...I can't wait!