Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow Blower Wanted

I killed myself today! I finished all of my Christmas shopping for all but one child--and he's pretty easy. But when I got home from shopping, it was time to shovel the walks. OH MY ACHING BACK! I definitely want a Snow Blower for Christmas now...this was MURDER! The bottom of the driveway is total ice, and I will have to go tomorrow to purchase the ice melter before I actually head out to take a hack at it! As for now, I'm heading up to bed with my hot water bottle!


Lynne said...

The first year we lived in the Chicago area we had snow like that. We'd get a several inches and I'd go shovel. As soon as I'd get done it would start to snow again. I'd shovel again, It'd snow again. You get the idea.

My husband came home from work one day & I didn't even let him get out of the car, I piled in and made him take me to the hardware store where I promptly paid top dollar for the last snow blower they had in stock! It was the best purchase I ever made.