Monday, October 15, 2007

Are You Serious

I was watching tv last night, and streaming through the channels on the satelite. I have to say I was mortified when there was a 30 minute show--prime time--called Deconstructing Britney. There was a panel--more than one person--lawyers, family law attorneys, counselors you name it--these people literally took their 15 minutes of fame to sit in a panel and discuss what was going wrong in Britney's life. THEN...not only that, but they literally talked about what she could possibly be doing that was more important than her first missed court appearance.

WHAT???? WHO CARES?? Honestly--a half an hour? Prime Time news show?? It was simply unreal! I thought they were joking!


MakeupGirl said...

I agree. Such a waste. Everytime I see anything regarding her or any other similar celebrity, I just change the channel. Who freaking cares..! (Well, if these shows are on prime time, I guess alot of people - with nothing better to do with their time than watch other people live...) I think it's pretty pathetic.

perros said...

To a degree, people are voyeurs and want to watch other people live their lives rather than live their own. Its a shame that some of us cannot get more productive things to do with our time.