Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sorry--Missed Picture Of The "B" Man

Ok, I forgot to insert a picture of the "B" man after I was talking about him on my last post! Since I'm on Rob's computer--let's see if I can find one that sums up his cuteness in one easy stroke!!

This one is taken mid-chant! He's just a silly little doll baby! So happy to be alive--and he's going to let you know just how pleased he is to be here!

I didn't mention--he's starting to tell knock knock jokes--so cute. He'll say knock knock and you say who's there and he'll say chicken who and then you say chicken who who--and he answers with Knock Knock and it starts all over. He even tries to play I Spy--which is really fun to hear this little two year old attempt! Such a cutie!!