Tuesday, April 24, 2007


WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! I don't even know how to say that loud and strong enough!! I just saw a sniglet of the news--an apparently Rosie is O-U-T OUT at the View! Now I have to tell you, I hate the View--I stopped watching it years ago--but honestly, Star Jones was my favorite-so when they toasted her--They were gone for me anyway! But Rosie, OH MY GOSH--I can not put my loathing of that woman into words! Hanoi Jane nuthing---Traitorous Rosie has Jane's Jazzercized BUTT kicked! Anyone who can honestly get up on their soap box and claim to the masses that our government had anything to do with the tragedy of 9/11--deserves the Saddam Hussein treatment in my mind! How utterly dispicable and hateful can one woman be?? Honestly--I knew she was stark raving mad--but honestly--it's time to cut the brain out and check for Mad Cow--she's a lunatic! I don't care what you think of the Administration...I don't care what you think of the War in Iraq...I don't care what you think about America in general---but to think that we would do this to ourselves so that we could go after Saddam is just schizophrenic --and she's truly heading down that rolling green trail to LaLa Land!! Have a safe trip and enjoy the straight jacket!!!