Wednesday, April 4, 2007

O(sama) My Heavens!!

I am sooooooo sick of Barrack Hussein Osama! Now you have to understand--I live in Chicago-so it is Osama Overdrive!! Everyday all you hear is either crap or glory for our Jr. Senator from Illinois! Before I share my two experiences with both sides of the fence--let me first make it VERY VERY CLEAR!!! I will not EVER vote for Barrack Osama. Have you ever seen Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone? Do you remember at the end when the Professor unwraps his head to expose a parasite living off of him? Well, that is Mr. Osama! Not necessarily that he has a parasite--but that he will say and do everything PERSONALLY to keep himself looking respectable and perfect--yet is working his puppets to do what he really wants done--while keeping his hands clean! hmmmmm, who does this remind me of...Ah, yes!! Our beloved First Black President! Billy did that with everything!

Ok--so you now know that I'm not a fan---but the following experiences are both true--and so funny how they are polar opposites!!

First--late last year when Osama was considering his run for the Presidency--I caught a talk radio show from downtown Chicago--and every caller--and I KID YOU NOT--every caller called in to call Osama the "Anti-Christ". Some even had scriptural backup! One wacko woman called in quoting quatrains from Nostradamus! The entire 4 hour talk show revolved around the obscenely silly notion that Osama was the Anti-Christ!

Fast forward to this week--and the Art Institute of Chicago has a statue of Osama himself in robes of glory--completely opposite of the Anti-Christ!
OH MY HEAVENS!! People get a grip!! He is neither the Anti-Christ or the Black Savior--he is a man. Questionable character, Interesting Politician--whatever--he's just a freak guy--who wants to be the President---I think it's time we drop all Deity when it comes to this one--you just come out looking like Morons!!
***And just in case you aren't sure I really know how to spell the man's name--I do--It's just very interesting to find his middle name and last name are so close to Evil Dictators...coincidence??? Of course, but it's still good fun!! But then there's always the folks calling him the "Chocolate Jesus"--now I'm sorry--that's just WRONG on soooooooo many levels---racism being one!!