Friday, April 27, 2007

Google Update

Well, it has been confirmed--by everyone but me--that Google is indeed updating! This blog doesn't show any fluctuation as of yet--but it came at the very end of the update last time-so I'm not going to start resting easy that I didn't go down.

I really haven't done much to promote my blog--which is bad--but there are so many things going on in a day with four kids and a house to keep in order--doesn't leave much more time to visit my sister to use her computer. She did buy a new one today--I guess I should break down and let my job buy us one too--but then I will lose my "sister" time!! Some days I'm around long enough to post several posts--other days nothing at all, so it really wouldn't be a bad investment! I wouldn't even have the PR that I do have except that Rob has added me to everything that people add her to--and then she'll get in and link all of them to me. So nice!!

Anyway--good luck to everyone out there hoping for a great PR update!! Let me know how you are doing!!