Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another Great Prize Possibility!!

I found another great sweepstakes kind of site. This one is unique as well as really interesting. This new, cool and totally FREE site is called What makes this one so interesting to me is that you sign up for free, and then go into the semi-final round and put your name into the hat for the products that you are the most interested in. Seven names are pulled from that hat to move on to the finals. It is during this round that all of the members get to get in and vote for the person they think makes the best argument for why they would like the item. The person with the highest number of votes, gets the item! If you sign up today--there are three items up for a final vote--as well as the next three items currently in the semi-final stage. So get in there and get your vote on--as well as your name in for some of the items up currently. There will be hundreds of contests and the prize values range from $10 to $600!!