Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Last Big Game!!

Today is my oldest son's last basketball game! I'm glad it is coming to an end-I'm not a big fan of the way the program is run. That said--I should mention that Yes, we will sign up again next year. What I don't like--oh so many things. No one has ever gone over the fundamentals of the game--just threw all of the kids together and have them play a game. Another point--every team has at least one girl on the team. Some teams have two--but our team is the ONLY team with 3--and they aren't the tall girls that other teams got--they are the little tiny short ones. In fact, our entire team is head and shoulders shorter than any other team on the roster!! They rarely get a chance to shoot the ball, and when they do--the other team just tips their bodies in with their arms up, and our kids are totally "caved" in! It will be the same next year--different team shifts--but hopefully my little guy will get a couple of inches between now and then!!