Monday, March 2, 2009

Casmir Pulaski Day!

Darn! Earlier I posted that I wanted to take my kids to the movies tomorrow with my sister and her kids. Sounds fun--but I totally forgot--her son and my son both have basketball games. Her son is done at 1:30 but mine isn't done until a quarter to 4! That makes any plans for an afternoon movie impossible!

So now we are thinking we will plan the outing for Monday! We have this weird holiday here in Chicago called Casmir Pulaski Day. He is apparently some Polish Freedom Fighter--I'm all for it--but it would be nice to know a little more about what the holiday is for! Are we supposed to do anything in particular? I think there is a parade in Polish town--but I don't know if it will even be on tv. That might be kind of fun-but it is too snowy here to go sit downtown and watch a parade!!

Oh well, a movie it shall be!