Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boo Boo's!

My little Brett just cut his finger on a razor blade! I am no new comer to kids and blood--but my question is this...WHERE DID HE FIND A RAZOR BLADE??? I cleaned the bathroom this afternoon and searched the house for one. With little ones learning to brush their teeth-I have toothpaste glopped on the sink at all times. It's just easier to razor the globs off--but I could not find one.

Give up on the search, find something else to do--turn my back on him for 2 minutes and he finds the one thing I searched 1/2 of an hour for!! mmmmm hmmmm, that's just scary!!

He's wasn't unhappy or crying at all--but he's not thrilled with the big paper towel taped to his finger with strapping tape! Again, with little ones in the house--band aids are a rare commodity!!

Poor thing!!