Friday, February 16, 2007

Wax On--Wax Off!!

My cousin Kristin and I have a lot of fun together going to movies, watching videos, discussing books we've read,shopping, and eating together. A few months ago she showed me her brand new Epilady she had just purchased. She told me she bought it because I had told her about mine. I couldn't remember telling her about it, but obviously I had. I, like most people shaved my legs the old fashioned way, with a razor, until my other cousin Kim introduced me to the Epilady, in 1987 . We started playing around with it and I fell in love with it. I was very happy when Kim gave me my own Epilady for my birthday a few months later. I have used it ever since. I've told countless people about my Epilady, but I hadn't heard if anyone bought one until Kristin did. She had actually listened to my testimonials extolling it's virtues!

Nineteen years later found me doing the same thing: sitting on the floor playing with an Epilady with an individual. This time it was Kristin instead of Kim. I decided right there and then that I had to have a new one. However, I have to admit that I haven't bought it yet, and that was several months ago. My Epilady will be 20 years old in August, and it is still perfectly good! I need to buy a new one however, so I went looking for a new one on the web. I found an article about Hair Removal. If you have ever thought about this kind of thing, I would recommend you checking this site out.

For complete, long-lasting hair removal-The ultimate epilator: wide-head, cordless and ergonomic hair removal. Keeps you hair-free for up to six weeks. Or there are always the waxing strips!


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