Saturday, February 3, 2007


We did not escape unscathed?? As posted earlier--we did NOT escape at all! Today--I have 2 sick kids! But it was almost gone--almost out of the Universe--and now, it's struck our house. Poor Daniel and Kate--feverish, achy-noses a dribbling. Poor little things. We had chicken soup for dinner, I'm sure it felt good on their throats-but not much else is feeling any better!

We have a birthday party/Superbowl party this weekend. My sisters little boy Grayson is turning 7---OH MY GOSH!!! 7!!! It was just yesterday he was born! They almost lost him when he was born--so it's still a very fresh memory in all of our minds! Any way, her little boy is turning 7 on Tuesday--but they will be on an airplane to Phoenix on Tuesday. I'm so jealous. We both used to live there, and she is getting to go home--sort of! Since they will be gone for his birthday, and the Bears are in the Superbowl, she's throwing a birthday party with a Superbowl theme.

I hope my kids are feeling better by then! With her kids going on vacation--it would be so bad to take mine to the party and get hers sick! So if they aren't feeling better-I think they'll stay home with dad, and the other 2 and I will head to the party!