Thursday, February 1, 2007

Home Sick!!

I thought we had made it through the bulk of the "gook" period relatively unscathed! Sadly, when I woke Daniel up this morning for school he was all achy and fevering! Poor little thing! So I had to call him out sick today. Now, I didn't have much planned for the day--just some grocery shopping and cleaning--and the cleaning I can still do--but the grocery shopping is out! That would be leaving him alone just too long. I don't have a problem leaving him for a few minutes to drop his sister off at school--he's 7 next week-and is fully capable of getting himself out of the house or calling 911 in an emergency. But grocery shopping can take upwards of an hour--and that is just too long! So I will wait until later this evening to see if he is feeling better--or just put it off until tomorrow!

I remember going to school when I was younger--when I didn't feel good! What misery! So he's snuggled up in front of the tv--sound asleep!