Thursday, January 25, 2007

Time Off!!

Well, I have taken a few days off from my posting! That's the joy of getting paid working online! There is no boss to call in to call out! Sorry Mr. Internet--I just don't feel like blogging today--maybe tomorrow too! I don't know when I'll feel like it again-but you'll be the first one to know!

Nope!! I just didn't turn it on! Mostly I blog at my sisters house--but her kids are sick, and I didn't want the exposure! But I broke down today and gave in to the familial withdrawals! So while she's cleaning up her kitchen--I thought I would get some work done!! Very nice to be back!!

And there's a new puzzle going on!! I'm not sure I'll work with this one! I find it conveniently strange that two of the "Core" folks have been the ones to get it--not that I think it's a set up--I certainly DO NOT!! But it would be nice to see some of the less "upfront" people get some of the winnings!! I was voting for Andrew of Benspark--but he was tied up on business! But it will be exciting to hear who gets it this time!