Thursday, November 30, 2006


I just got up to get the boys out the door for school--and after a week of being sick again--I feel even worse today than I did yesterday!! How is that possible! I should be feeling better, it's been a week! But the exhaustion is much worse--I'm heading back to bed in a minute! And I can't even talk today! I have to strain to get a loud whisper out. So I will take a little nap and then soothe my throat with some hot raspberry tea with cream and sugar---oooooooh, that sounds good--I think I'll do that before the nap!

I have to meet my hubby for lunch today! I'm excited--we never get to have lunch together, so that will be fun. Well, fun if I feel any better!! Then tonight--it's the Thursday night premier of "Men in Trees". It used to be on Friday's--and then it hasn't been on for two weeks! I'm dying--going through withdrawals! It's my favorite show on tv, and FINALLY!!!!!! I get to watch it again! Jack is going to follow Marin to NYC--I just know it!! Well, he better or I'm out! OK, total lie--I'm far too hooked to be out if he doesn't!! Just highly (slightly) annoyed!!! GO ABC!!! For any of you "newbies" to the show--it's on after Gray's Anatomy.